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Experience the Benefits of a Website Tailored to Your Goals

Are you an entrepreneur in search of a simple, affordable web design for your new startup company? A CEO or marketing team leader ready to take your business website to the next level with a specialist in the field? We will tailor a solution to meet your goal – whether it be increasing awareness/exposure, building a stronger digital presence, being informative, growing your business or increasing sales (or perhaps a combination).

Our range of specialist services allow us to accomplish all of the above in good time and within budget. While we are based in Cape Town, we service clients all over the world.

 Once you are ready, we can professionally and timeously assist with the entire process of bringing your brand new website to life – from thorough research and attractive initial mockups, to beautiful design and solid development, all with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind.

This can include eCommerce functionality and/or API integration, should you require it. Plus, once we are done, we can even train you to maintain your website via one of our WordPress Courses ( part of our service suite).


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How it works
Initial Mockup and Design

Building a quality website that is effective takes some time and consideration. At Clicks Count we always follow a process and take certain strategic steps to ensure the end result is tailored to our clients’ goals. This process includes research and presenting options to help determine the look and feel you are after. Once you are happy, we can start working on layouts and fill them in with content and images, with you signing off along the way.

Types of Websites We have Designed:

Art, NPO, Travel, Charity, Events, Beauty ,Interior, Apparel, Property, Shipping, Financial, Education, Marketing, Hospitality, Adventure, Photography, Nutraceutical, Entertainment, Public Figures, Outdoor Lifestyle, Gardening / Landscaping


Web development is where things get wonderfully technical. As experienced developers, we have the ability to build a site with the approved designs. This requires proper coding to ensure the website works as well as it looks.

Development has two parts: front-end and back-end. The former takes care of the user interface (UI), that is, human-computer interaction and communication guided by the look and style. Think menus, tools and more.

The latter, back-end development, takes care of the background elements such as the database and servers. Systems and solutions web users do not see.


Digital spend is growing every year as online shopping increases. So, if you have a product or multiple products, it is often very advantageous to make them available online.

We can help you ‘set up shop’ including promotions, QR codesand coupon functionality.

Ideally, your eCommerce shop should be attractive, uncluttered, easy to navigate and facilitate simple checkout. We can also advise on shipping solutions.


SEO – search engine optimisation – is a vital part of digital marketing. It requires several steps and solutions best left to professionals.

These include keyword research and application across a website,
ensuring all pages are optimised, link building, monitoring progress, improving certain areas when required and keeping the site updated with dynamic content

WordPress Training

If you want to have more or complete control over your website once it is live, you will greatly benefit from one of our fun and useful WordPress Courses.

You can opt to do a course or send a team member to sharpen their website updating skills. Options include in-person training (for individuals) or group classes in Cape Town as well as virtual learning.



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What is Website Design?

For us, website design is all about creating a unique website that is a representation of your brand or company. A beautiful digital space that is user-friendly and built to give visitors and target audience what they want and need. 

What is Website Design?

For us, website design is all about creating a unique website that is a representation of your brand or company. A beautiful digital space that is user-friendly and built to give visitors and target audience what they want and need. 

What is Website Development?

Once you have approved the design (or look and feel) of your website, it is time for development, that is, the actual building part. It entails coding, technical design and other steps to get your website internet-ready.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce, short for electronic commerce, simply refers to the selling of products and services on the internet. Takealot, for example, is an eCommerce retailer.

How Much Does a New Website Cost?

No two websites are the same – or at least they should not be. We work out costing based on the number of pages and content as well as the functionality you have in mind and the web services these tasks require. 

What Software/Program Do You Use to Create Websites?

We use WordPress. It is a great content management system (CMS) because: it is easy to customise and manage media, you can make websites mobile-friendly, it has great security features and is excellent for SEO.

Do You Assist with Content Editing and/or Creation for Websites?

Certainly. We can edit existing content or work with you to create something fresh for your brand or company with your voice and tone in mind.

Who will Manage my Website Once it is Done and What if it Breaks?

We can manage it for you on a retainer basis or quote and bill you as needed. Alternatively, you (or one of your team members) can take a Clicks Count WordPress Course during which we show you the ropes.

Will My Website Also Be Mobile-friendly?

Indeed, we design and adapt with mobile use in mind.

How Long Does it Take to Build a Website?

It depends on what you require – the number of pages, detail, functionality, etc. An eCommerce website, for example, will take longer to complete than a four-page site featuring just a Home page, Services page, About Us page and Contact page. With a specialist on the job, you will have your website ASAP, without any compromising shortcuts

Can I See the Site Before it Goes Live?

Of course. Part of our process is sending mockups and designs for your approval and sign-off as we go along. We will build you a development site and only once you are happy do we move that live.

What About a Domain Name?

If you do not have a domain name yet, we can purchase one you like on your behalf and work it into your costing. 

Where will My Website Be Hosted and How Much will it Cost?

Clicks Count offers very convenient and affordable hosting, but it is up to you (we can give you other options to consider). The major benefit of hosting with us is we manage all your backend updates and security for you monthly as part of our hosting charges, so you can focus on your business, while we take care of the site.

Can I have a Newsletter Sign-up Section and Do You Assist with Regular Newsletters?

Yes and yes. When you are ready, we can discuss your options in detail. We are expert newsletter creators. We also ensure POPIA compliance (getting prior consent from end-users before working with their personal information).

What if I have a Website and Just Want a Refresh?

No problem. We can get you where you want to be.

How Long Does it Take to Rank Well on Google?

Once you have an SEO-friendly website, it can take anything from 3 to 12 months to rank, granted you take the right steps and put in the work. For best results, this service is typically outsourced to an SEO specialist.

Will a Website Redesign Affect My Google Ranking?

Since we have the proper processes in place, a redesign should not affect your Google ranking. In fact, it may improve it.